“THIS, CHAPTER 2”: A extra terrifying trailer UNVEILED (VIDEO)

If the terrible clown of”That” Frightened you in 2017, hold on since it returns for another part, planned for September 2019.
Expected Released in 2017 and adapted from Stephen King’s book,”That” is the most rewarding horror film in history (700 million individuals took their courage in both hands to face the evil clown, nevertheless played with Bill SkarsgĂ„rd).
27 years later, the group of”loosers” Returns to Derry
It is In San Diego’s Comic-Con that a terrifying new trailer has emerged and shudders Beforehand. Chapter two of”That” will dive us 27 years after The events in the first part. This day’s kids – also known as the “looser gang” – will return to the little town of Derry to face Pennywise and receive answers to their own queries. We can expect a Very major movie, since it’s Jessica Chastain who’ll play the part of Beverly Richie’s personality Will be played with Bill Hader, Jay Ryan’s role as Ben, James Ransone will embrace Eddie’s life, also Andy Bean and Stanley will play with with. We leave you shivering in Front of the trailer before the official release of the film on September 18th. Tip: If you are alone at home, turn to the lighting.


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